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Click on the links below to hear what people are saying about Honda Village. And PLEASE consider posting your own thoughts and impressions about us online.  While we think we do a pretty good job at spreading the word about how we approach our business, nothing makes more of an impact than when real customers get their experiences into cyberspace. 

Positive reviews are encouraged (!), but if you feel you have an issue with us or are really ticked off for some reason then please let us know - we would much rather face a problem head on than let it fester or leave you with a poor feeling about Honda Village.  You can always call and ask for our General Manager directly, or send an e-mail over and we'll look into it.  This is a people-intensive business rife with complexity, and mistakes and misunderstandings occur, but we find that the vast majority of issues can be resolved when we do a better job at communicating with you.


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