Friends and Family by the Village

Part of the way The Village stays ahead of the competition is through our Friends & Family Referral Program.  We could spend inordinate amounts of money advertising in an increasingly fragmented marketplace, but we would much rather give that money to you!  If you've bought a car from us, or know us in some way as a vendor or business associate, we would love for you to help us spread the word about the professional and courteous way we do business.  For every referral you send in who purchases a vehicle, The Village will give you a $200 Visa Gift Card, or make a $250 donation to the charity of your choice.

Participation in the program is simple: send us your name, contact information, and your connection to us, as well as the name, brand and/or store name, and contact information of the person you are referring.  We'll have the General Manager of the store contact your referral, help them through the process of selecting and hopefully purchasing a car, and once sold coordinate our gift to you.  You have our Owner Ray Ciccolo's personal guarantee that every customer you send in will be completely satisfied.

If you want to get started - or find out more information - just send a note over to

Thanks from Ray and from all of us here at The Village.